Cronicles of the General Assembly

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GA 2021

General Assembly 2021

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GA 2020

General Assembly 2020

The extraordinary situation in the pandemic year 2020 also makes it necessary for the GGB e.V. to tread previously unknown paths in the operational business of the association. The regrettable suspension of the planned general meeting not only entails a postponement of the planned election of the new board, but also the necessity of discharging the incumbent board outside a regular meeting. Normally, this would take place through a motion for discharge and a vote of those present, as well as the evaluation of available voting messages. In order to lead our association into the year 2021 in a legally secure manner and capable of acting, a vote by written ballot only was required for the first time in 2020. As a member, you received the report of the management and the cash audit, supplemented by the balance sheet and the profit and loss account for the past financial year 2019, and were able to decide on the discharge by written vote. This procedure was supported by an amendment to the law that ensures the ability of associations to act in the given exceptional situation. As a member, you can view the result of the discharge vote in the download area.

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GA 2018

General Assembly 2018

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