GGB Yearbook 2020

GGB Yearbook 2020
GGB Berlin e,V.
288 S.
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The 2020 issue will cover the following topics:

  • Stefan Wirth: On the brewing industry in the cathedral city of Fürstenwalde/Spree in the early modern period.
  • Hans-J. Manger: From keg to keg - On the development of beer transport packaging, part 2: Metal kegs
  • Andreas Urbanek: Weigelwerke Neisse-Neuland
  • Dirk Nolte: What we can (and cannot) learn about beer from historical sources
  • Astrid Schneck: E. D. Brainard and the Eiskellerbaugesellschaft - "System Brainard", results of a search for clues
  • Ursula Lochner: The Geisenbrunn Lindenwirt and the Argelsried Brewery: The Stockers and the Kasparbauers / From the Argelsried Brewery to the Gilching Brewery: The Kasparbauer Sisters - Fanny Müller and Peter Bichler/ Gilching Brewery: Münch' Bichler & Co. Who do we find behind this business name?
  • Peter Eiting: The Gilching Brewery - Münch, Bichler & Co. - later Lenz-Bräu GmbH - A journey through time from 1927-1969
  • Karl-Heinz Pritzkow: The Berlin wheat beer brewery Emil Willner in Berlin-Pankow
  • Jens Voigt et al.: Experimental studies on the production of beer in antiquity
  • W. D. Speckmann: A Biblical Trade for the Transport of Beer
  • Martin Herda: On the history of beer in Hohenelbe
  • Gunter Stresow: Long and controversially discussed: Potato beer / Beet beer, the long-forgotten / Beer production by cold means / Pfannenknecht oder Pumpauf / Some things about Merseburg beer / Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft
  • Martin Herda: The Tivoli Brewery in Stettin
  • Gunter Freudenthal: Anmerkungen zur Bierverwendung mit Bitte an die Mediävistiker zur Kenntnisnahme

An overview of the literature received by the Schultze-Berndt Library as well as the report by GGB Managing Director Alexander Hofmann from the 82nd Annual Meeting of the GGB 2019 in Einbeck and the membership directory round off the Yearbook.