GGB Yearbook 2019

GGB Yearbook 2019
GGB Berlin e,V.
308 S.
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The 2019 issue will cover the following topics: Michaela Knör: Commemorating the 100th anniversaries of the deaths of Max Delbrück and Emil Fischer Tullio Zangrando: Pichen in the brewery; Some memories of earlier times Hans-J. Manger: From barrel to keg on the development of beer transport packaging, Part 1: Barrels made of wood Peter Lietz: The rediscovery of "Berliner Weiße" and the importance of microbes Andreas Urbanek:The first Silesian cork factory N. Schäffer and the first Silesian cork factory with steam operation, Gebr. Guttsmann W.D. Speckmann: Brewing in the Lipper Land, Part 2 Hans-J. Manger: That was the Engelhardt Brewery Company in Berlin Edgar Forster: Beer in Europe's Languages - The Linguistic History of the Word Beer Markus Fohr: History and Development of the Brewing Industry in Bulgaria from 1878 to the Present Thomas Köhler / Jörg Kirchhoff: History of a Copper Brewing Pan Martin Herda: Riedl-Riedenstein'sche Schlossbrauerei Aich bei Karlsbad Hans-J. Manger: Die Michel'sche Brauerschule Gunter Stresow: Dangerous Glass?/ High Gravity Brewing almost 200 years ago/ Nicolas Apert and thermal preservation Markus Fohr: Beer Styles through the Ages in Great Britain and the USA Martin Herda: The Victoria Brewery in Szczecin Fritz Halm: Of Beer in Weimar Hubert Erzmannn: On the Opening of the Weimar-Ehringsdorf Brewery Jürgen Zettler: Beer Needs Warmth (Poem for the 25th Dresden Brewers' Day) Alexander Hofmann: Brewing in Luxembourg and the Bofferding Brewery