Society of History of Brewing (GGB)

What is GGB

The Society of History of Brewing (GGB) is a non-profit-making organization. The Society was founded 1913 in Berlin. It is traditional, but it is open minded for modern developments. Members of GGB are companies from the brewing, malting and supplier industries as well as private individuals from throughout Europe. Brewers, malsters, collectors of beer labels, mugs etc., students and scholars of biotechnology, history, social anthropology and archaeology come together in the GGB.

The society helps to form cross links between the history of technology and social studies and economic history, between biology and social anthropology and between science and crafts.

Activities of GGB

  • GGB patronizes the study of brewing history and publishes research reports
  • GGB collects books and periodicals about the history of brewing. GGB publishes bibliographies.
  • GGB runs a library which is open to all interested people (for using the IT research-tool, click "Bibliothek" = library)
The industry of brewing is an old tradition. More than 5000 brands of beer are produced in Germany. Specially in times of globalization beer needs its home and traditions as a base for the development of the brewing industry, as well as for consumer's benefit. More than 300 members and patrons support the society's work.